The program opens with a current piece, Après rasage by Regina Hofmanová...mocking the caricature of the narcissist macho...solos (excellent male pas de deux) intertwine with group synchronicity. The only woman appears a bit later, only to be voyeristically viewed and passed about with subtle dynamism and again vanish towards the end.

General Anzeiger (Germany)

From Barocco to Jazz puts on stage three pieces whose common denominator consists of the masculine and feminine physicalities, with bodies engaged in a cheerful dialogue whose liberating expression even has touches of humour, specially in the first performance: that’s Après rasage (music by Piazzolla), by Regina Hofmanova, in her Italian debut.

Amadeus-News (Italy)

...Regina Hofmanová’s choreography has the most consistent story line...

...putting emphasis on the symbolism and elegance of movement.

Hofmanová symbolically disrupts the myth of a fiery tango, full of passion; and looks [instead] from a different viewpoint, stressing the significance of gesture, suggestion, and emancipated male tango dancing...

Through subtle leadership and deep understanding of each individual dancers’ character, Hofmanová convincingly brings out their personality and acting talent.

Ostravan magazine (Czech)

...a wonderful symbiosis of props, light design and dance, all creating a palette of breathtaking imagery and emotions.

Divá báze magazine (Czech)

...Hofmanová takes her time, she works with the changing dynamics typical of tango...

...closing with a sequence of the most interesting lifts.

operaplus.cz (Czech)

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