...among the Flowers

I love props. No secret there. It was only a matter of time before flowers arrived at the top of my list. Their beauty, their transient nature and wistfulness. They are used to embelish beauty and accentuate sadness. As a sign of forgivness and and shallow regret.

...among the Flowers was supposed to be the second part of a double bill Guest...among the Flowers. As rehearsals were progressing, so were the lockdown measures. All the way to the point where we had to simply stop shortly before the originally planned premiere much to the dismay of the dancers and myself. The piece is all but finished and we will wait for a time when we will be able to perform it in front of a live audience....whenever that time may come.

In the meantime, enjoy a short trailer of some studio footage. Please, like, so that we feel that someone somewhere has seen a glimpse of our work....

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