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There is a distinctive and recognisably quirky style evident in choreographer / director Regina Hofmanova's work – whether for film or stage. Her movement vocabulary draws on everyday gestures and body language as much as conventional dance technique (contemporary, jazz, Argentinian tango), and often uses props and voice; resulting in a strong sense of narrative content.


Her stage works include both commissions and independently produced full-length and short pieces. "Après Rasage" (created for NDM Ballet, Ostrava) has been enthusiastically received by audiences in Germany, Italy and Poland, as well as the Czech Republic, and was revived for a second season of performances due to popular demand.


Throughout her varied career, she has also worked on a number of opera productions, with renowned directors such as David Pountney, Thaddeus Strassberger, Nic Muni, Roman Hovenbitzer and Jiři Nekvasil.


Regina's dance film “Steadfast” – which has received screenings at a dozen festivals worldwide – is based on a fairytale story by Hans Christian Andersen; whilst her video installation “Year” – performed live at La Fabrika in Prague, and, subsequently, in video version at the Bargehouse on London's South Bank – explores the thoughts and recollections of an ageing dancer.


Her mood film “Unicorn” for designer Peter Linnett, was screened at Design Shanghai in China.


Regina has also worked as choreographer with a group of dancers with mental disabilities, re-working her early choreography “Tango for 5”. She has developed figure-skating routines, and contemporary solos for international ballet competitions.


In addition to developing her own work for stage and film, she offers movement coaching to actors and opera singers, and has contributed choreography and movement direction for video artists and other performance projects. Please use the contact form on this site if you have an enquiry about coaching or movement direction for a project.


Alongside choreography, which she studied at the Performing Arts Academy (HAMU) in Prague Regina studied languages and phonetics at Charles University.


She is currently based in Prague, and works internationally.

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