Après Rasage in Italy - Città di Castello - August 31st

Great chance to see Après Rasage in Italy . NDM Ballet Ostrava will perform it at the Festival delle Nazioni in Città di Castello. Argentine tango meets dance theatre on August 31st . Don't miss it. https://festivalnazioni.com/en/eventi/from-barocco-to-jazz/

The Elusive Music Licence - a choreographers' nightmare

“So what have you been up to lately ?” people ask. “ Well. I have a film in preproduction.” I say. Which seems to sound more sophisticated than saying “I have been waiting for a music licence for what seems like an eternity …..” As a choreographer and filmmaker I dabble in copyright. In musical copyright, that is. In other words, I get to wallow in the privilege of seeking approval from the rights holders to be able to use the music I choose for a choreography, a film or both. This process may appear to be straightforward. You identify the licence holders (The recording company, publisher or anyone else ), send them a simple email with a simple question, then you wait for the reply which yo

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