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New Workshop - Partnering based on Argentine Tango Principles

Argentine tango is more than fancy footwork, high heels, passionate looks and impressive lifts. It requires subtle yet precise communication creating an intimate dialogue unique to every partner. These skills take long to develop but when used properly they can open a new dimension in your dance vocabulary.


The workshop will explore leading and following patterns applied in Argentine tango focusing on both biomechanics and psychological aspects. We will start with footwork, working on the dynamics and quality of the walk to see how this translates into partnering and fluidity of movement.

Principally working in pairs with leading and following roles constantly changing during the course of the workshop, we wil investigate the role our axis ( both vertical and horizontal ) and centre of gravity play in triggering movement. And we will look at crucial elements that need to be in place to communicate what we need to our partner.

Finally we will briefly touch upon and musicality and apply the above principles to short improvisation sequences.

The overall aim is to achieve better communication, understand our partner and enhance improvisation and interpretation skills. The workshop is suitable for dance practitioners of all levels.

Back by popular demand ! This time in London . Be sure to secure your place early .

See you in January .


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