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A New Dance Film in the Making

So as many of you may know, the premiere of our new creation Guest...among the flowers was postponed indefinitely because of a series of lockdowns. Unfortunately we lost our performance venues and dates. But there is always some good news!
We went on to transform a bit of our stage piece onto the screen. Or rather....took a bit of inspiration from our original choreography. I firmly believe a film is a unique piece of art.. We decided to push the boundaries a bit and add dialogue in more than one language. Because language is culture. And so are customs and habits.
And for the rest you have to check out or film. Which however has not been finished yet. We had a great shoot with amazing cast and crew, very minimal in terms of numbers. Our finances were very restricted. In fact so much so that we have to look for new sources of funding to complete postproduction. And because we don't want to wait, we have resorted to crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is completely new to me. I have never done it before and frankly I find it terrifying. But as they say no pain no gain.

So if you can, please help us achieve our crowdfunding goal. Give a helping hand to independent filmmaking. A little goes a long way.


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