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Tango/Contemporary Improv Workshop in London

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Still from Besame by Regina Hofmanova

Regina Hofmanova - 2018

Regina started studying and dancing tango 20 years ago having furthered her experience in Buenos Aires with famous teachers such as Aurora Lubiz and Claudia Bozzo

In this workshop we will explore Argentine tango principles of leading and following, work with personal space, both entering and abandoning it . We will work in pairs for most of the workshop, alternating between partners and roles regularly. Finally, we will develop short sequences applying the principles we will have learned with special focus on musicality. Participants will be asked to bring socks for this practice

Regina studied contemporary dance and choreography at the Performing Arts Academy in Prague. As a choreographer and movement director she has worked on a number of opera productions, musicals, independent projects and commissions. Most recently on the tango inspired 'Après rasage’ for the National Moravian Silesian Ballet in Ostrava. She has also created video installations. Year was exhibited at the Bargehouse in London as a part of the Maze exhibition. Her dance film Steadfast was screened at a dozen festivals worldwide including the prestigious San Francisco Dace Film Festival, Minimalen/Multiplie and many others. She has choreographed tango/contemporary routines for Candide, Man and Boy Dada and her own productions ( Tango for 5 etc.). Throughout her career she has collaborated with professional dancers, singers, actors, dancers with mental disabilities.


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