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Reviews? Reviews!

Nothing like a few good reviews to brighten up your day ! Read about Àprès rasage

Italy (amadeus-news):

From Barocco to jazz presenta tre pièces che hanno come comun denominatore le differenti fisicità maschile e femminile, in un felice dialogo tra i corpi nella loro liberatoria espressività che offre perfino spunti umoristici, particolarmente nella prima performance, Après rasage, di Regina Hofmanova su musica di Piazzolla, al suo debutto italiano.

From Barocco to Jazz puts on stage three pieces whose common denominator consists of the masculine and feminine physicalities, with bodies engaged in a cheerful dialogue whose liberating expression even has touches of humour, specially in the first performance: that’s Après rasage (music by Piazzolla), by Regina Hofmanova, in her Italian debut.


Germany ( General Anzeiger ):

"The program opens with a current piece, Après rasage by Regina Hofmanová...mocking the caricature of the narcissist macho...solos (excellent male pas de deux) intertwine with group synchronicity. The only woman appears a bit later, only to be voyeristically viewed and passed about with subtle dynamism and again vanish towards the end."


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